We enable TRANSformation through, with and for senSATION

to pave the way to a high performance culture

Claudia Weiss, founder of TRANSSATION

Claudia Weiss

Professional path

– Master in Business Economics
– 4 yrs industrial experience
+ 20 yrs consulting experience

– Founding of TRANSSATION in 2019
– Qualification to Systemic Coach
– Certification as Agile Coach / Facilitator
– Certification as Agile Enterprise Coach
– Lecturing in organizational psychology
– Start of studies in positive psychology
– various experiences abroad (US, F, I)

Proven expertise

Advising, coaching, facilitation, training
Strategy development & implementation
Change management
Culture shift
Organizational development
Team development
Leadership development
Workshop facilitation


Bridgebuilding between
– strategy & implementation
– different cultures & ways of working
– agility & stability
– head, hand & heart
– professionalism & humor 
– crisis management & the next normal
– startUps and traditional companies
– blue and white collar perspectives