We enable TRANSformation with,
through and for senSATION

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WITH sensation

We guide organizations, cultures and people through necessary changes with empathy, consequence and a good sense of humor

THROUGH sensation

We inspire people to strive for ambitious, attractive targets in an encouraging and appreciative surrounding

FOR sensation

we foster tangible, positive change that is worth the effort

Who we are

TRANSSATION is a growing network of entrepreneurs, advisors, coaches and trainers. We are complementary in our expertise and cultural backgrounds, and yet congruent in our values and work ethics.
Together we have many decades of professional experience and access to other valuable networks.


Claudia Weiss



Begonia Merayo


Dr. Alexander Ploghaus

Principia Mentis

Dr. Jens Braak & Klaus Elle


Central contact person is Claudia Weiss founder of TRANSSATION

How we support

Developing and bringing to life your purpose-driven strategy

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Creating a resilient and adaptive organization with supporting values

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Enabling and empowering your people to give their best

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How we work

We listen, we observe, we empathize

We give guidance, we enable and empower

We are always there FOR the (client’s) organization, but not always IN

We build on the industrial expertise of your people

We are always transparent in scope, price and conditions

We are trained to

facilitate inspiring workshops  – in person or remote

use a variety of tools and methods

surface people’s creativity and beliefs

explore opinions, mindsets and behaviors

simplify decision processes

Our beliefs

We see ourselves as your partner on eye level. We make your transformation request our concern. Your challenges are ours.

There’s no such thing as a standardized solution. Every organization is an unique system, which needs be explored before solutions are suggested. That’s why we work WITH you, your organization and your network to design YOUR individual solution.

A transformation needs a clear framework, a sensible handling and conscious communication. An organization is a sensitive system fluctuating between enthusiasm and rejection. True leaders and role models who influence the organization with conviction and passion are key to success.

Change doesn’t need to be a burden. It’s always a challenge, but done with the right methods, the journey can be fun, inspiring and empowering.

It’s all about people, their attitudes and feelings. No transformation without positive and negative emotions and reactions. Don’t neglect them. Surface and discuss them and try to win advocates and multipliers. 

We believe in TRANSformation with, through and for senSATION

You can find us


Managing Director: Claudia Weiss

Zimmerstraße 45, 22085
Hamburg, Deutschland

Phone: +49 160 97252553
Email: info@transsation.com
VAT ID: DE345836288
Tax number 43/262/04868

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