We enable TRANSformation through, with and for senSATION

to pave the way to a high performance culture

WITH sensation

We guide changes organizations, teams and people with empathy, passion and fun

THROUGH sensation

We build a safe and appreciative environment in which people enjoy to perform

FOR sensation

we foster tangible, positive change that is worth the effort

Who we are

TRANSSATION is a growing network of entrepreneurs, advisors, coaches and trainers. We are complementary in our expertise and cultural backgrounds, and yet congruent in our values.
We all have many decades of professional experience and access to other valuable networks and knowledge.


Claudia Weiss



Begonia Merayo


Dr. Alexander Ploghaus

Principia Mentis

Dr. Jens Braak & Klaus Elle


Central contact person is Claudia Weiss founder of TRANSSATION

How we support

We co-develop your purpose driven strategy and bring it to life

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We create a resilient, adaptable and performance-driven organization

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We unlock the true potential of the organization by empowering and encouraging people to give their best

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How we work

We listen, we observe, we empathize

We give guidance, enable and empower

We build on the expertise of the people in your organization and consciously involve them in the process.

We see ourselves as partners at eye level

We make your desire for transformation our concern and your challenges ours.

We are always transparent in scope, price and conditions

We are good at

facilitating inspiring workshops – analog, digital and hybrid

using a variety of tools and methods in purposeful way

bringing people’s creativity and beliefs to light

mediating between opinions, ways of thinking and behavior patterns

laying the finger in the wound and speaking straightforwardly 

driving important decisions

Our beliefs

There’s no such thing as a standardized solution. Every organization is an unique system, which needs be explored before solutions can be developed.

 work WITH you, your organization and your ecosystem to design YOUR individual solution.

Transformation requires patience, transparency and empathy. Organizations are sensitive systems fluctuating between enthusiasm and rejection during change and need time to go along with the changes.

In an increasingly complex world, we need to move away from long-term plans and perfectionism. Let’s start now, start small, experiment and continuously improve.

Cultural change needs both – growing consciousness and appropriate structures. It needs true leaders with courage who go forward and act
as roles models.

Change comes from within. If you want to bring about sustainable change, you first have to get people’s attitudes, values and beliefs. Only then behavioral change is possible.

Change does not have to be a burden. With the right methods, the journey can be fun, inspiring and full of exciting experiences.

We believe in TRANSformation with, through and for senSATION.

You can find us


Managing Director: Claudia Weiss

Zimmerstraße 45, 22085
Hamburg, Deutschland

Phone: +49 160 97252553
Email: info@transsation.com
VAT ID: DE345836288
Tax number 43/262/04868

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