We enable TRANSformation with,
through and for senSATION

Now available:
Our new blended learning product HYBRID LEADERS 4x4     Learn more


“The key to greatness is to look for people’s potential and spend time developing it”
Peter Drucker .

We enable, empower and encourage people to achieve the targets
they have set themselves


We coach, train and advise

– businesses and non-profit organizations
– on site / off site / remotely

– individually / in groups / entire companies
– in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish 
– effectively with minimum effort 
– customized to your special needs

from hearing to understanding, 
from understanding to applying, 
from applying to internalizing, 
from internalizing to passing on

Our new blended learning product HYBRID LEADERS 4×4

4x4 Hybrid leaders

Our new program for hybrid leaders:

 ·       4 topics – 4 modules:

      1. Solid Relationships
2. Virtual Virtuosity

3. Guiding Orientation
4. Continuous Productivity

·       Flexible structure

·       Languages: German, English, Italian

·       Digital elements to practice and deepen knowledge between training sessions

see here for more details

Learning method:

·       Positive confrontation to help people  switch from “I know” to “I do”

·       Continuous practice and feedback

·       Focus on learning on the job

·       Exchange of perspectives and experiences 

·    Sessions and digital elements highly participative and interactive with gamification elements

·       Simple tools easy to apply


·       Moving leadership from command & control to support & guidance

·      Creating a new working culture based on autonomy and empowerment

·       Building a climate of trust and psychological safety

·       Setting the course for effective leadership, independent from the environment

See also: Strategy| Organization

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